Sports Performance
Our goal is to help you achieve your maximum performance on the athletic field. Using a combination of technology and the latest training theories Dr. Broda will design a program to improve your performance. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Dr. Broda also holds a degree in exercise science. Combining this knowledge with his extensive knowledge of the human body gives him a great understanding of how the human body is designed to work. Dr. Broda is the only provider of kinetic link analysis in the Charlotte area. This analysis utilizes real athletic motions which, are video taped and digitized to generate biomechanical models of the athlete. From this model kinetic link information is obtained which provides a wealth of information about how efficiently an athlete is performing a movement. Using this data and exercise program is designed to improve efficiency and ultimately improve performance.

Sports that kinetic link analysis can be applied to:

• Golf
• Baseball (pitching)
• Baseball (hitting)
• Tennis (serve)
• Running
• Softball (pitching)
• Softball (hitting)
• Racquetball/Squash
• Cycling